Dear investors,

 This is a good opportunity for the investors who want to have  factories in Thailand when  Asian Economic Community(AEC) is efective .We are a group of engineers who have a long experience in design and construction in various categories of factories and propose to serve your requirements.

The single span factory width  will vary from  span 18-40 m. and the multiple spans will vary from  nx(18-40 m).where n=2,3,4,.... ie: 2x30, 3x30,4x30 m. 

The factory can be designed  in knock-down members to comply to customers  requirements or for some locations that skill welding workmen are shortage.  

We also help the customers  finding  land area that is suitable for each production.

Our objective  in design and construction is emphasized on  economy. 

     Your may know us through the articles, which written for non engineer readers.  



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